Privacy Policy

Updated: 21 Feb 2022

Scope and Intent

This policy applies to the Centre for Advanced Medicine website at (“this website”, “here”).

Centre for Advanced Medicine Ltd (“We”) collects information here for the purpose of doing business with our customers.

We aim to store as little information from you on this website as possible, and to keep all information you supply private.

Information may be collected, held, and used separately in other places such as our online Store and internal sales and contact systems.

Information held in our other systems cannot be accessed through this website.

Our conduct is governed by privacy obligations under New Zealand law. You can find out more about those and seek support at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Details Kept On This Website

This website does not store personal information about you.

If you are granted a login for this website, the only details stored here are your chosen login name, login email address, and a personal password you create which we cannot access. We do not even remember your organisation name here (sorry about the extra typing that requires).

Forms on this website may collect other information from you, which is passed securely to our other systems.

Cookies and Tracking Pixels

Some of the website’s components may use small computer files called ‘cookies’ and ‘tracking pixels’ to help us understand how visitors overall use the website, so we can improve our service. We do not use this information at a personal level.

Website Security

Some components of our web platform systems (including those of our independent webhosting provider) may collect information about your visits to this website to maintain security and compliance with relevant laws. This information may be connected manually with your identity from our other systems only if there is a problem.

Access to your information is limited to authorised users. This access is recorded and can be audited.

Access to and Correction of Personal Information

Personal information is not held on this website. Please contact us if you want to to ask about personal information held in our other systems, which we are happy to make available and update as needed.